Cites & Insights Special Issue now available

A special issue of Cites & Insights is now available for downloading (or reading in your browser) at

This two-page unnumbered issue consists of one brief essay:

Not With a Bang …  (pp. 1-2)

Going on hiatus.

There will be no more issues in Volume 11. If and when there is an index, it will only be part of the annual volume available at Lulu, if and when that volume is available.

5 Responses to “Cites & Insights Special Issue now available”

  1. Thanks for all your fine and underappreciated work.

  2. Paul Mills says:

    Thank you, Walt, for producing Cites & Insights all these years. I am one of the guilty ones who did not make a contribution when I had the opportunity.

  3. Michael Y. says:

    @Paul: I’m sure it’s not too late; the link is still there!

    Thank you, Walt. I’ve enjoyed C&I for years, rarely reading library blogs but never missing your fine wrap-ups. I only contributed once — fairly recently — but would happily do so again should you decide to continue. (P.S.- Is it wrong that my favorite parts have often been the classic DVD reviews and audio equipment stuff?)

  4. walt says:

    Paul: What Michael says.

    Michael: Thanks. And re the PS: Certainly not wrong in my book—and if it does continue, there will certainly be Offtopic Perspectives (which, meanwhile, appear in piecemeal form in this blog) and probably My Back Pages with some audio stuff.

    Oh, and Seth (and Paul and Mona), thanks as well.