Balanced Libraries now available as EPUB

Thanks to Lulu, Balanced Libraries: Thoughts on Continuity and Change is now available as an EPUB ebook on the iTunes bookstore, for $9.99.

I can’t speak to the quality of the EPUB conversion, since Lulu did it (they’re converting books based on some algorithm, probably sales quantity; authors have the opportunity to opt out or change prices, but I don’t plan to do either). I’d guess the conversion was done appropriately.

It’s the cheapest way to get the book. Of course, that also means I earn the least from sales. Such is life.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, my “store” at Lulu is now my “spotlight.” (Both links take you to the new page; the first one’s a redirect.) It’s a cleaner design and Lulu claims it’s a simpler URL, although I’m not sure why “spotlight/waltcrawford” is simpler than “/waltcrawford”–but in any case, it’s there, it’s cleaner, it’s easier to use, it works.

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