It’s gone

As promised, none of you will have to suffer through more attempts to publicize and sell my “Freemium” test and, so far, only hardcover Cites & Insights Book.

disContent: The Complete Collection has been retired.

To those who purchased the book: My thanks–and you now have a true collector’s item, one of the five existing copies of this book. (Four purchased, and I have one.)

To those who claim that Andersonomics can work for any but a few superstars and motivational speakers: A special salute, one I never give in public.

The four purchasers have what I believe to be a great collection, with updates for nearly every one of the essays. It’s possible that a handful of those essays, with updates, will appear in Cites & Insights, but at this point, I don’t think that will be more than half a dozen to, at most, a dozen of the 73 columns.

Now to go remove the dead link & cover image from the C&I site and my home page…

Added at 10:20 a.m. PDT:
For those who have ignored every previous post and article in Cites & Insights regarding the special character of disContent: The Complete Collection

It was announced as a special signed limited edition, limited both in the maximum number of copies sold and in the sales window.

That limit was restated oh, maybe a dozen times? It was stated in Cites & Insights as well as here.



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