What’s a year among friends?

It has been pointed out to me (surprisingly, only once so far) that in the three blog posts and one email (to two lists) announcing the publication of Cites & Insights 10:9 (August 2010), I managed to refer to the year as 2009, both in the post title and in the first sentence.

I have a complete and total excuse explanation for what happened:

I goofed.

Fortunately, the issue itself has the right date, as does the Cites & Insights home page. And I’ve fixed the three blog posts–so it didn’t really happen, right? So, you know, no mistake was ever made, nothing to see here, move along…

The funny thing is, I was a little more careful than usual with the actual C&I pages–and found that, in fact, I’d managed to:

  • Use the wrong link for the first article (in the contents list and home page)
  • Have the hyperlink to the full issue wrong in every one of the HTML articles.

I fixed those…and then got the year wrong in the announcements. Sigh. I think I’ll wait a day before doing the most annoying part of publishing an issue (updating the volume index).

Of course, the August 2009 issue is available–but it has been for almost a year now. It’s a 32-page issue with two big essays (including “Library 2.0 Revisited”) and an Offtopic Perspective.

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