Public Library Blogs: Gone

As promised, the book Public Library Blogs: 252 Examples is now officially out of print, both in its trade-paperback version (only available through CreateSpace/Amazon for the last month or two) and its downloadable PDF version (only available through Lulu).
The 80 purchasers now own a true limited edition…
Academic Library Blogs: 231 Examples continues to be available, in print and download versions through the title link or in print at CreateSpace/Amazon. Unless there’s at least one sale this month, it will go out of print in early October–making the 45 copies currently extant a very limited edition!
The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral Look, to the best of my knowledge the most comprehensive study of blogs within a specialty, continues to be available and probably will be available for some time to come. I’m working on a project that will complement but may not directly replace it…but that’s another story.

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