Cites & Insights: New sponsor needed

Since January 2005, YBP Library Services has provided some sponsorship for Cites & Insights.

That sponsorship comes to an end at the end of 2009.

I’m extremely grateful to YBP for the sponsorship; it’s helped keep C&I going.

New sponsor needed

I need a new sponsor (or group of sponsors) for Cites & Insights.

Candidates would include, presumably, any group involved with or interested in library issues (or the issues discussed in the journal). Obviously, I’d be most comfortable with a sponsor whose own activities I’d be unlikely to discuss in any case–but that includes, for example:

  • Library automation companies
  • Library consortia
  • Database and index companies
  • Other companies directly serving libraries–booksellers etc.

C&I has strong readership. As noted in the May 2009 issue, the journal’s had nearly 1.4 million pageviews in more than three-quarters of a million sessions. Roughly half the issues have had at least 4,000 readers, with 12 having more than 6,000 (and one having more than 22,000). Adding pageviews for separate HTML articles, more than 60 articles have been read at least 7,000 times and another 94 at least 5,000 times.

Please contact me

Send me email if you’re interested in discussing sponsorship–waltcrawford at The sponsor will be mentioned on the website, on the front and back page of each issue, and on every separate HTML article.

A note about other forms of revenue

Could I gain enough revenue, or comparable revenue, directly from readers?

Well, the paperback annual editions of C&I have been priced to be direct revenue generators (and if someone buys a downloadable version, they’re essentially contributing $40). So far, revenue from that source averages about $10 a year…not quite enough to replace sponsorship.

Early on, I had PayPal and Amazon Tip Jar links to allow direct contributions. I did receive some–but the total was, as I remember, in the low three digits.

I’m open to suggestions.

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