1. Balanced Libraries, Second Edition

A new edition that:

  • Incorporates Library 2.0 and “Library 2.0” as one section, with indexing
  • Rewrites what’s there to remove redundancy and to update
  • Brings the discussion up to date.
  • Notes

    Balanced Libraries continues to sell, albeit slowly (three copies in February, 272 total to date). While the C&I special issue is history, albeit recent history, it continues to be downloaded/viewed at a brisk rate (>1,000 so far this year, >39,000 to date)—indeed. Would a book version have any legs at all?

    Quick evaluation

  • Relatively low effort—2/3 existing text, so mostly lots of layout, indexing and updating.
  • Value-added: Existing text and “independent” status
  • Upfront risk: None.
  • Value to the field: Relatively low, unless LIS schools bite—”the argument’s died down” although L2&L2 continues to be downloaded frequently.
  • Monetary rewards: Nothing to moderate, depending on response
  • Personal rewards: Relatively low.
  • Comments? Reactions?

    One previous comment already noted as, essentially, a no vote.

    In the interests of a silly but amusing experiment, I am obliged to note that this post has nothing whatsoever to do with Kindle 2, Amazon, text-to-speech, 23 things or Authors Guild. It also has no specific references to Kansas or Nebraska.

    2 Responses to “1. Balanced Libraries, Second Edition”

    1. Misha says:

      I say yes. It would be nice to have it all in one handy place. I think “Balanced Libraries” should be required reading in Library & Information Science programs, or at the very least that many of the ideas therein get discussed. I am pretty sure that I do not recall having conversations around the topics discussed in Balanced Libraries in my program, from which I graduated not that long ago.

    2. walt says:

      Misha: Thanks.