FB+FF: Putting in one big toe…

Yes, I’m on FaceBook–at least for the moment.

I clicked on 90 people (who I’m reasonably well acquainted with, and a few of them are actual friends) from my Gmail contacts (out of 250 prompted…). I skipped other sets of “friending” suggestions. I put together a fairly nominal profile. (Within five minutes, I had 11 friend confirmations…)

And, well, we shall see. I may be too much offline for FB to work better than Ning did (for me, not necessarily in general), or maybe not. So far–with 9 days on–FriendFeed seems to be working OK, now that I’m learning to hide whole categories of stuff. (Am I supposed to add something for an FB-FF link? Do I want to? If I update my status on FB more than twice a day, it will be one big surprise.)

LSW Meebo…well, it was great for a while, but with lower participation it may be too much of a distraction. It really only works on a synchronous basis, and if I’m writing–either for PLN or for my own stuff–I’ve found that any synchronous window is just too much distraction.

So far, I’m finding that 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day, works fine for FF. If I can get by with similar focus on FB, and if it proves enriching, so much the better. (Who knows? Maybe long-lost “friends” will get in touch.) If not–I do see that FB actually has clear, up-front mechanisms for leaving.

Twitter? I don’t think I’m going back, just as a certain level of twittering in FF will push me to unsubscribing from someone. I’m not much of a <140chars. kind of guy.

Four more early bird shopping days

Remember: On January 16, the prices for the print and download versions of The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral Look go up to $35 and $25 (from the current Lulu-only introductory specials of $22.50 and $20).


Wow. From #2 to #8 to #355, all in a matter of a week or less. And here I thought Wall Street was volatile! (If you don’t get the reference, browse through some recent posts…let’s just say “icy cold” is my current blog temperature.)

Now, on to prepare my “Shiny New Toy or Useful Tool?” presentation for OLA. (A version of which will probably appear in the February C&I, whenever that emerges…)

2 Responses to “FB+FF: Putting in one big toe…”

  1. LOL, Walt, my blog sank like a stone too. Not understanding what the criteria are for that page, I can’t manage to care very much.

  2. walt says:

    As I read the “about,” you pick up points for using new or newly popular words–and lose points for using words that others have stopped using. Or something like that. I never thought I’d see a measure that made Technorati Authority and Feedburner Counts seem stable by comparison…but this is one.

    I think that Dave Pattern would agree that caring about whether your blog ranks high on his heat scale is a danger sign: You’re Blogging for Blogging’s Sake, or something like that. (I dunno. He might see a deeper meaning here.)