Cites & Insights Midwinter 2009 available

Cites & Insights 9:2, Midwinter 2009, is now available.

The 34-page issue (PDF as usual) consists of either one essay or 132 essays, depending on your perspective:

A was for AAC: A Discursive Glossary, Rethought and Expanded (1-34)

That’s right! Five years after the Midwinter 2004 issue, “A is for AAC: A Discursive Glossary,” here it comes again, thanks to unanimous advice from those of you who chose to comment.

For 97 entries (out of roughly 100 in the 2004 issue), I’ve repeated portions of the 2004 commentary (preceded by Then: ) and added new commentary (preceded by Now: ) as appropriate.

Another 35 entries are wholly original to this issue (preceded by New: )

It’s a little longer than the 2004 edition (34 pages instead of 20). It’s mostly new material (roughly 63% new text).

Please don’t print out the HTML version

I’ve provided the whole thing in HTML–but for on-screen use only. Please, if you’re going to print it out, use the PDF: My tests show that the HTML version will require 45 pages rather than 34.


The last time I did this, one or two of you were disturbed because there wound up being two issues in 10 days. That’s not going to happen this time. The February 2009 issue will appear in February 2009. Right now, less than a third of it is even in draft form–and with a presentation to prepare for OLA, and notes to prepare for an OLA panel, in addition to ALA Midwinter and OLA to attend…well, you can be certain I’m not going to wrap the February issue up all that rapidly.

And don’t forget: six more early-bird shopping days…

The print and download prices of The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral Look go up on January 16, 2009. You still have a few days to order it at the current early-bird prices.

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