The Liblog Landscape: Reviews and comments

Just as I promised I’d post links to any reviews/comments on the two library blog books, without arguing over the negative comments/reviews (unless there were factual errors), so I should do the same for The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008.

And what better way to start than with “Initial thoughts on The Liblog Landscape” at Corporate Librarian? Steven provides a generous commentary on the first portion of the book and raises some interesting questions. (I really was striving for transparency, and that comment is greatly appreciated.)

As soon as I spot them (and remember), I’ll add to this post with other comments/reviews, positive or negative.

December 30, 2008: Jennifer Macaulay offers this commentary at Life as I Know It. Naturally, I’m delighted…and I really will have to think about “Walt’s Big Book of Liblogs”… Also good to hear that Lulu does as good a job for buyers as they did for me as an author: I too was surprised by how rapidly they moved.

January 12, 2009: Constance Wiebrands (CW) offers this commentary at Ruminations. Again, I’m delighted–and with reasonable sales or some form of sponsorship, I’d love to keep this process going on. I think the answer to CW’s questions is that probably at least half of those actively blogging now will still be doing so in two years (“actively blogging” being a tricky term, but one I’ll address in the February C&I and at OLA), and that the medium will still exist in five years. Beyond that…well, who knows? Interesting times.

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