Cites & Insights 8 available in book form

Cites & Insights 8, 2008Cites & Insights 8, 2008 is now available as an 8.5×11″ trade paperback with a full-color wraparound cover (photographed in Scotland). The 346-page volume differs from the issues and index only in that color photos have been changed to grayscale.

My best guess is that anyone buying any volume of C&I as a book is at least partly doing so to support C&I and my other non-job-related-efforts. Given that guess, the new volume is priced at a level that would actually provide significant support: $50.

Volumes 6 & 7 have also been repriced to $50 each.

In practice, the main reason to create each book is so that I can have a bound copy that will work well over the years. I did provide lagniappe in volumes 6 & 7 (in addition to the great cover photos), but not in volume 8.

If you’re inclined to support C&I but really don’t want another book in the house, I’m also offering the three volumes as downloads from Lulu, for the same price.

All three will be available until the end of March 2009 or two months after any copy is sold, whichever comes last.

All issues of Cites & Insights continue to be free for the downloading, including the title sheet & indexes that close each volume.

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