New liblogs: The short version

Based on mail and comments I’m getting, I suspect the 1,373 words of this post is eliciting a “tl;dr” reaction in some people (“too long; didn’t read”). So here’s the short version:

1. This list is not a resource. If it was, the names would all be hyperlinks. It’s just a checklist to see whether I already have a blog in the study. (I’ll provide a resource later on–but maybe not here.)

2. A candidate blog needs to have:

  • Started in December 2007 or earlier.
  • Have at least one post in March 2008, April 2008, or May 2008
  • Be at least vaguely library-related (don’t worry about that one) and not be an official library blog.
  • Have some other blogs linking to it–that’s the Technorati “authority”
  • Be in English (or at least mostly in something that looks like English

3. The best place to publicize a new liblog is probably the LISWiki Weblogs page.

That sums it up in 158 words (169 including this line).

I should also note that, as of 6 p.m. Tuesday 9/9, I’ve added ten more blogs to the survey spreadsheet based on your comments and email–blogs that do meet all the criteria. Thanks.

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