Cites & Insights 8:10 (October 2008) now available

Cites & Insights 8:10, October 2008, is now available.

The 28-page issue is PDF as usual, although HTML versions of each essay are also available from the Cites & Insights homepage or via the links below.

This issue includes five essays:

Trends & Quick Takes

Improving patents, the future of the internet, why I give Pew such a bad tometime (although, given Seth’s comment, maybe I should leave this), the HD watch, the purloined bibliography and invisible gifts, plus five quicker takes.

Interesting & Peculiar Products

Six of them–including a hockey-puck home theater PC and a digital projector that throws a 98″-diagonal image from 15 inches away–and six Editors’ Picks and Group Reviews

Net Media/Making it Work: Blogging about Liblogging

A range of posts and commentary about liblogs and library blogs, some up to a year old, all worth noting.

Offtopic Perspective: 50 Movie Western Classics, Part 2

From the sublime (The Outlaw) to the ridiculous (Gone with the West), with spaghetti westerns, singing cowboys and much more in between–including Bill Shatner playing an arrogant, sexist, tinhorn ruler who doesn’t happen to be on a starship but is instead a half-Comanche bad guy (White Comanche)–and Shatner also plays his sort-of-good-guy twin. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Retrospective: Pointing with Pride, Part 6

The responses to my “copyrights and wrongs” quiz, remembering some 1989 projections for the world of 2000-2001…and lots more.

A note about the HTML versions:

I’ve been tweaking the Word template used to do quick-and-dirty HTML from a document that’s primarily designed for print/PDF output. I’ve indented the text to leave a little white space on screen, for example. I think it’s getting better–but the process still yields strange gotchas now and then, such as strings of forced blanks I don’t believe should be there (this time, I think, only in quotes that are also bullets).

I don’t spend that much time cleaning up the HTML versions. They’re just there as a courtesy to those who just can’t abide PDF, for whatever reason. Cites & Insights is fundamentally a PDF publication, and I spend my layout time trying to get that to look good and work well.

2 Responses to “Cites & Insights 8:10 (October 2008) now available”

  1. “… why I give Pew such a bad tome …”

    Throw the book at them! 🙂

  2. walt says:

    I was afraid I made that error in the issue itself (I see at least one other typo, Andy Define, the sidekick who wrote the dictionary for westerns–and, as usual, I catch the typo after publication).

    Since I didn’t, I’ve corrected “tome” to “time” here–but, actually, I like your reading. Thanks.