You want clouds, you get clouds

I’ve never added a cloud to this blog or tried to do one for my writing in general…but, well

here’s one for my longform published output–that is, the items you’d find in WorldCat itself (not, which includes a couple hundred articles as well as these “27 works in 35 publications”)

Thanks to Thom Hickey for pointing out this new feature at WorldCat Identities. Hickey, Lorcan Dempsey and crew continue to do really interesting things… Note that the words (at least some of them) link to their own identity pages. (Hmm. “Library science literature–Publishing” and “Library science–authorship” are much more exclusive clubs than “MARC formats.” That surprises me.)

I bet the cloud for a true polymath would be a lot more interesting…say, Isaac Asimov. Well, no, not so much…I guess there’s a limit to the size of the cloud or the number of works included–I don’t see “Bible” or “Shakespeare” in little tiny letters, and Asimov wrote important works on both topics. (Other than economics, there aren’t a whole lot of major topics Asimov didn’t write about…)

Interesting stuff.

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