#9: Better than #8. No, really.

Meredith Farkas just posted the results of her request for people’s “three favorite librar* blogs.”

It’s an interesting list; I’ll have to check it out at leisure to see which blogs I need to add to my already-bulging Bloglines list.

Oh, and this here blog came in #9, next to last of those actually listed in descending order (a thoughtful choice on Ms. Farkas’ part). “Favorite.” Hmm. I’m pleased and a little surprised.

That’s one lower than in the OEDb post that convinced Meredith to do her survey.

If either of these means a lot, I’m much more pleased by this #9 than by the other #8.

A key point here, though, is one of many excellent ones Meredith (or Farkas or Ms. Farkas–so I’m inconsistent…) makes about “favorite,” particularly for people like me who don’t have clear favorites (but did respond):

When forced to pick only three favorites, though, we pick the ones that mean the most to us at that particular time.

Noting one of the comments–Cool Librarian is in my Bloglines list; I do read it; I do enjoy it. It just wasn’t one of the three that sprang to mind as having been most thought-provoking over the two or three weeks prior to the survey. (I don’t remember my response, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same today.)

Yes, I do plan to check each link in that list, and I’m sure I’ll add several of them to Bloglines–at least for a while.

What? Two posts on a Sunday afternoon? Well, you know, this is the second day of a 16-day weekend for me, so…

OK, that’s not quite true. I like the idea of doing absolutely nothing for two weeks but clearing my mind, becoming one with the universe, going for long walks, etc. But in the real world…

  • Tomorrow: Put in hotel requests for Midwinter (yep, I’m going to Midwinter…); send in final paperwork for OCLC; deal with contract stuff for new position (I think).
  • Later in the week: Probably make travel arrangements connected to new position. Certainly go back to MVPL and start checking books out again.
  • Realistically, get at least one or two essays done for the November C&I–since I haven’t done any so far.
  • Do at least a couple of dozen blog analyses for the academic library blog project, to keep that moving.
  • Probably come up with topic for at least one column, maybe write the column.
  • Rearrange home office space to clear out old crap and leave room for new important stuff.
  • And, yes, take enough time to relax, clear my head, do even more walking than usual, and get used to a different pace.

I’m most assuredly not complaining. But taking two weeks “between jobs” isn’t quite the same as a two week vacation. Fortunately, we’re planning one of those too…for next spring or summer, that is.

2 Responses to “#9: Better than #8. No, really.”

  1. Laura says:

    I had three weeks between jobs–and a 1200 mile move to accomplish in that time–so I can indeed say that two weeks between jobs is not much, but I will in any case wish you bon voyage to the future, whatever that brings.

  2. walt says:

    Fortunately, I don’t have to move at all–just find space for new paperwork and clear my head, mostly. And everything in the “tomorrow” list is now done, so I’m off to a good start.