A partial list of intriguing public library blogs

This is the last of the introductory series of posts discussing promoting Public Library Blogs: 252 Examples. (And aren’t you glad I didn’t include the cover in all of them? In case you’re wondering, it’s a library–a very old library.*)

Here’s what I removed from the end of Chapter 3, after thinking about it a lot. I removed it because it’s so partial–I found even more blogs intriguing in one way or another, and decided it was inappropriate to single some of them out.

Still, for what it’s worth… (yes, I’ll do another post when the book[s] become[s] available via Amazon)

As I was gathering information on these blogs, which typically included reading or at least skimming three months of posts, I was impressed by the variety, personality and vitality found in so many blogs. I’ve always been an optimist about public libraries; this book has increased that optimism considerably.Here are some of the blogs I found particularly intriguing for one reason or another—in Zip order, since I’m gathering them as I make the last pass through the profiles. The reasons may be obvious from the profiles; they may not.

  • FPL Teen Blog 01702
  • Carver Public Library . blog 02330
  • Newton’s Quick Job Search Blog 02459
  • Director’s Blog 03060
  • From the Reference Desk 03060
  • Dover Public Library news 03820
  • Latest entries from lucys-webrarians.blog-city.com 06111
  • The Short List 06426
  • Darien Community Matters (and other Darien blogs) 06820
  • Westport Public Library MOVIE & MUSIC blog 06880
  • West Long Branch Public Library 07764
  • Highland Park Public Library Teen Blog 08904
  • Administratively Speaking (and other Goshen blogs) 10924
  • Children’s Department Paperless Notebook 15102
  • Sellers Library Teens 19082
  • Birmingham Public Library’s Latest News, Reviews & Information 35203
  • Worthingteens 43085
  • Turning the Page… 45202
  • SJCPL Blog 46601
  • Ann Arbor District Library 48104
  • MADreads 55703
  • What’s New @ Coloma Public Library 54930
  • Kids Lit and other Menasha blogs 54952
  • PaperCuts 66604
  • ICARUS… the Santa Fe Public Library Blog 87501
  • The Librarian’s Own Grove 92501
  • Mostly NF (and other Pierce County blogs) 98446
  • Seldovia Public Library 99663
  • Fahrenheit 451: Banned Books L0S 1E0
  • Invisible Ink [Australia]

What I find intriguing and what you find worth examining are entirely different things, or at least they should be. I think all of these blogs may be worth quick looks, but I’m not recommending any of them as models for your blogs. Every community is different; every library blog should reflect the interests and needs of its community and the interests and capabilities of the library’s staff.

*The Library at Ephesus, to be exact. Credit my wife for the photograph. Any blame for clumsy cropping and color shifts in rendering go to me. My proof copy of the CreateSpace/Amazon version has a somewhat purplish sky instead of deep Mediterranean blue; your color may vary, I hope.

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