Cable broadband: Exceeding the unstated speed limit

Here’s a remarkable story (I’m linking to Furdlog, which in turn offers links to the news story itself).

Seems like you can lose your Comcast broadband “privileges” if you use too much of it.

How much is too much? Comcast won’t say. Apparently customer reps don’t even know there is a limit. I guess it’s like pornography: Comcast knows it when they see it.

Comcast’s big selling point over DSL is fast fast fast. It’s certainly not price!

They don’t say “fast but don’t use too much, whatever we currently deem to be too much.”

Sure, there’s a license agreement, and of course we all read every word of those agreements before accepting them.

Me? I’ve got DSL–SBC Yahoo! or AT&T Yahoo! or whatever it’s called these days. The slowest version (1.5mb), because our house is too far from the switching office for faster versions. I don’t download lots of video, so I’ve never noticed a problem.

DSL’s architecture is different (as the story notes): My use doesn’t affect my neighbor’s use.

I would say that the chances of my moving to Comcast broadband have just gone down, but it’s really hard to go lower than zero…

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