Cites & Insights 6:14 available

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 6:14 (December 2006) is now available for downloading.

This 28-page issue, PDF as usual (but each essay is available as an HTML separate from the home page includes:

  • Perspective: The Lazy Man’s Guide to Productivity – A slightly extended answer to “How do I do all that writing on my own time?”
  • Net Media Perspective: “C&I is Not a Blog” – A section on blogs, mostly metablogging.
  • The Library Stuff – Eight items cited and discussed
  • Library Access to Scholarship – FRPAA and more
  • Offtopic Perspective: 50-Movie All Stars Collection, Part 2 – 26 more TV movies (but one of them isn’t really…)

Please note that, while this is the final text issue for 2006, it does not complete the volume. The index (including title sheet, for anyone printing a bound volume) will be out in a week or two. Or three.

2 Responses to “Cites & Insights 6:14 available”

  1. Thanks very much for “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Productivity.” I think that I’ll be able to use a number of the tips you offered. Aside from that, it helps me to see that I might not need huge blocks of time to do my writing in.

    Still don’t see myself writing full length books any time soon. At least not solo.

  2. walt says:

    Personally, I think huge blocks of time are a trap. If you have 90 minutes available for writing, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll actually do some writing within that 90 minutes. If you have a whole day, there’s at least three or four hours of other stuff you can do while getting ready to write…

    But that’s me. As noted in the essay, my tips might not work for other people.

    As for books…I’m actually trying to get one started. We shall see. Even with 14 published (well, 13.5, since one was a limited run and almost entirely other people’s material), it’s still not easy to contemplate.

    [And you can also thank Bob Nardini of YBP; the essay was his idea.]