Gold/Diamond Journal Scan, Week Seven

February 18th, 2024

9,500 journals scanned, with 919,241 2023 articles and 939,981 2022 articles. Of those scanned, 3,841 have fees and 5,659 do not. This week should see both the 10K mark and the halfway mark.

Special Cases

  • xx: Unavailable or unworkable: 383
  • xm: Malware or certificate problems: 359
  • bi: Inactive (no 2022 or 2023 articles): 228
  • xd: Defunct (no articles after 2018): 107
  • xj: Apparently removed from DOAJ since 12/31/23: 17
  • xn: Not an OA journal: 8

1,367 journals (including most special cases) need to be rescanned.

GOA8 and Diamond 23 through February 16, 2024

February 16th, 2024

Gold Open Access 8

  • PDF downloads: 522
  • Dataset:85 downloads.
  • Books: none.

Diamond OA 2023

  • PDF downloads: 338
  • Books: none

Gold Open Access 7

  • PDF downloads: 1,476
  • Print version: 1 copy
  • Dataset: 86 downloads
  • Country book: 372 downloads, no print


Gold/Diamond OA Journal Scan, Week Six

February 11th, 2024

The good news: we didn’t lose power during last week’s ferocious windstorms (and rain, but it was the wind…)…and the fence can be replaced, at a price.

This was a strong week in spite of–but  it was a strong week.

So far, 7,900 journals scanned, with 597,937 2023 articles and 613,500 2022 articles (subject to change, as that includes article counts for journals that will be excluded). 3,118 with fees; 4,782 without (diamond). [The ratio will change a lot when I get to the “u” publishers, which all by themselves account for more than 5,100 of the remaining journals.]

Special cases

xm: Malware and certificate problems: 305

xx: Unavailable or unworkable (including timeouts): 300

bi: Inactive, no articles since 2021: 187

xd: Defunct, no articles since 2018: 86

xj: Apparently removed from DOAJ: 12

xn: Not an OA journal: 8

1,145 journals–including many of the above but also others–will need to be rescanned.

Gold/Diamond OA Journal Scan, Week Five

February 4th, 2024

A good week (thanks in part t0 Hindawi) for progress–but a bad week given a chunk of malware-laden journals. I don’t expect to see too many 1,400+/journal weeks, but…

As of now, 6,500 journals have been checked, with 535,147 articles in 2023 and 547,502 in 2022. I’ll have to recheck 915 of them, for various reasons (including all xm and xx below).

Special Cases

237 xx (not available or not workable).

231 xm (malware and certificate problems)

159 bi (inactive, no articles since 2021)

73 xd (defunct, no articles since 2018)

Seven xn (not an OA journal)

Five xj (new code: apparently removed from DOAJ since 12/31/2023).



Gold/Diamond Journal Scan, Week Four

January 28th, 2024

A milestone of sorts: 5,075 journals scanned; 15,219 left to scan. So I’m a quarter of the way through the first pass.

The 5,075 journals have 391,843 articles in 2023; 359,747 in 2022. 2,080 have fees; 2,990 don’t (are diamond).

Unfortunately, 716 need a second visit–including 173 cases of malware.

Special Cases

130 bi (no articles since 2021); 52 xd (defunct, no articles since 2018; 173 xm (malware or certificate problems); five xd (not OA, including encyclopedias and journals requiring registration); 176 xx (unreachable or unworkable).

Gold/Diamond Journal Scan, Week 3

January 21st, 2024

Scanned so far: 3,625 journals: 1,259 with fees, 2,366 diamond (no fees). 212,513 articles in 2023; 215,637 in 2022.

Other Characteristics

606 journals will need to be rescanned for various reasons, including all the xm and xx journals.

Special cases: 96 inactive (bi, no articles since 2021); 38 xd (defunct/replaced, no articles since 2018; 148 xm (cases of malware including  bad certificates); three xn (not OA journals (one requires login, two are encyclopedias); 145 xx (unavailable or unworkable). Which leaves 3,195 that are just fine.

[In case it’s not obvious, these summaries are thanks to pivot tables.]

Gold/Diamond Journal Scan, Week 2

January 14th, 2024

2,400 journals scanned to date.

150,259 2023 articles; 150,320 2022 articles.


868 fee-charging journals; 1,532 no-fee (diamond)

353 will need rechecking, either for additional 2023 articles or for one of the reasons below.

Special cases: 81 bi (no articles since 2021). 26 xd (none since 2018). 48 xm (malware), 2 xn (not an OA journal).

GOA9 Journal Scan, Week 1

January 7th, 2024

Firs t week: scanned 1,100 journals (only 19,194 to go!).

Last journal scanned (in order by publisher, by title within publisher): Anglisticum (Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, North Macedonia).

Summary notes

Article count: 52,652–down from 54,466, which is not at all meaningful at this point.

354 fee journals, 746 no-fee (diamond)

Special statuses at this point: 32 bi (inactive, no articles since 2021), 11 xd (defunct or duplicate, no articles since 2018), 24 xm (malware or similar problems), xn (not an OA journal), 32 xx (unavailable or unworkable). Leaving 1,000 “normal.”

192 of the 1,100 journals will be rechecked–including all xm and xx, as well as cases where it seems likely that another 2023 issue may appear before mid-May.

For daily updates (just overall counts), follow #goa9 on Mastodon, or follow me (waltcrawford).

Final pre-goa9 post: 20,294

December 31st, 2023

20,294? That’s how many journals I’ll be scanning for Gold Open Access 2024 (and Diamond Open Access 2024): it’s the number in the Directory of Open Access Journals at the end of 2023. (OK, so missing the last 100 minutes of the year…)

Roughly 67%–two-thirds–are Diamond, that is, don’t have fees. Roughly 390 journals were removed from DOAJ during the year. Leaving out a few high-volume journals from two high-volume publishers that were removed for failing to meet DOAJ standards, the removed journals didn’t publish that much: omitting the top ten, fewer than 28,000 articles in 2022 and fewer than 23,000 in 2021.

Now (well, tomorrow or Tuesday) I start counting. For frequent updates, follow me on Mastodon or track #goa9. I’ll post less frequent updates here.

Want to follow Gold Open Access 2024 progress closely?

December 18th, 2023

I’ll post most updates (perhaps daily while I’m gathering data) on Mastodon with the hashtag #goa9.

Those updates will not appear here.

More significant milestones may appear here and on Mastodon with the hashtag #openaccess.

I’m waltctawford and is my home iteration.

In case it’s not obvious: I am no longer on deadbird , and don’t use fb  for much except friends & relatives. And, of course, come January 2 I won’t be spending a lot of time on any social network, as there are more than 20,000 journals to visit.